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Group 455  about us

If you think Thesis is like any other SIS company, you’ve got us all wrong. Zeroed in on the needs of SIS transformation in higher education, Thesis offers a highly focused and standardized approach to solving your core student administration issues. Our customers take advantage of our CAMS, QL, EMS, and SM product lines globally to meet their administrative needs. With Thesis SM, we seek to deploy a predictable SaaS student system engine that cooperates with existing campus systems and, ultimately, powers change.

who we serve

Thesis specializes in mid-market higher education institutions in the US, Canada, France, UK, and Ireland who are seeking to modernize the student journey from the inside out. Tell us about your students and systems, and we’ll help you discover a Thesis solution that’s right for you.

our team

The Thesis team has deep and broad experience in the global education sector, including the intricacies of regional, statutory, and regulatory understanding. As a trusted partner, we put that depth of knowledge to work for our customers and their students.

our mission

The mission of Thesis is to empower change via a core Student Information System engine that's backed by proven implementation services and world-class support in the higher education market. By offering a highly focused approach to helping customers address typical challenges encountered with cumbersome processes and aging systems, we help streamline administrative tasks to simplify the student journey.

our vision

Thesis will be recognized as the innovative, collaborative company that best understands and satisfies the SIS needs of higher education institutions worldwide, as well as the ever-evolving needs of students.

our culture

Thesis believes in leveraging collective genius. It’s been said that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and the same is true at Thesis. We are a company rooted in relationships, and that spirit of collaboration extends to each member of our team and to each of our customers.

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