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Group 455  Thesis CAMS

Thesis CAMS is a reliable student information system for higher education that connects prospective and current students, faculty, and staff through portals to manage - admissions, registration, student records, billing, and financial aid.


With the Admissions/CRM Module, you can automate recruiting activities, targeting specific groups for automated mailings, phone calls and other communications.


In the Registration Module, course offerings are created, students registered, grades posted, and transcripts produced. Many automated functions occur in the Registration Module as well, such as the routing of all costs associated with registration directly to the billing office upon registering a student.

financial aid

Our Financial Aid Module is distinguished by its flexibility, allowing you to import pre-existing data (student awards or status), create your own packaging and transfer the awards to billing. Changes to award amounts can be made easily and are automatically transferred to billing. Our module conforms to federal requirements with FISAP reports and status and load reports.

student billing

The Billing Module serves as an institution’s economic hub. All Thesis CAMS transactions flow automatically from other fee-generating offices (registration, housing, parking and others) through billing. It is also integrated with the financial aid award workflow and data is effortlessly integrated to your general ledger.


Mobile access to institutional resources is essential for today’s students. The latest information and easy to use services need to be available 24/7. Thesis CAMS addresses these requirements by providing mobile optimized, self-service access to information and services using real-time data. Students can see their schedules, view their calendars, check grades and much more.


We have several focused Portals: The Application Portal helps institutions accept applications from prospective students anytime which eliminates the need for your staff to enter handwritten applications manually or transfer data from another system. The Student Portal provides self-service functionality to your student base. Students can gain access to authorized data, including registration and degree program monitoring. With the Thesis CAMS Faculty Portal, faculty can access student advising, degree audit, attendance and grade entry.

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