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Thesis is a new, dedicated Student Information System provider. Taking over the SIS products from Unit4, Thesis stands independently as a provider dedicated to the global SIS market with products serving institutions of varied sizes and needs.

From recruitment, admissions, and academics, all the way through to student records, billing, award management, and continuing education, Thesis products support the entire student journey!


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Our newest Student System, Thesis Elements, is designed for colleges and universities that require breadth of capabilities across departments and a simplified deployment process.

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Thesis QL, an on-premise SIS product, provides you with the services needed to run an educational institution in the UK.

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Serving the US and Canada, Thesis CAMS connects prospective students, current students, and faculty to manage admissions, registration, student records, billing, and financial aid.

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Our flagship SaaS product, Thesis SM, is designed to help colleges and universities modernize and simplify the student journey by improving institutional processes.

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Serving the US, Canada, France, and several European Union locations, Thesis EMS is an on-premise SIS product with extreme administrative flexibility.

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Thesis Billing Mock
Thesis Billing Mock