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Group 455  Thesis EMS

Thesis EMS is seamlessly integrated with Unit4 ERP and utilizes the same application workflow, automation tools, reporting tools, document management components as ERP and is similarly multi-language, multi-currency, and multi-tenant. 

EMS is additionally integrated with the ERP Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, HR & Payroll, Sales and Procurement Modules. An extensive set of APIs allow institutions to develop web-based user interfaces and integrations for prospects, students, staff, parents, and external users.

applications and admissions

EMS supports applications from on-line application forms and imports from other application services. Applications can be automatically assessed against set of admission pre-requites.

student management

The full journey of a student is supported whether an independent learning plan, traditional academic program or professional or personal development via continuing education, including student billing and payments, sponsorship, attendance, grading, program completion assessments, and transcripts.

internship management

We provide the ability for students, institution staff and third parties to propose, register, and evaluate local, national and international internships and work placements. The module provides the ability to generate and manage internship agreements, contracts and amendments.

curriculum management

This module provides the ability to create and duplicate Programs and Courses, along with pre-requisites, substitutes, anti-requisites, and co-requisites, as well as Transfer Credit Dictionaries. Fee schedules, grading options, and course schedules are established as part of Curriculum Management. From this module multi-lingual Academic Calendars can be produced or published online.

resource management

In this module we allow institutions to register all staff at the institution. For courses that are delivered by contracted staff, this module allows the selection of staff, pay rates for different work activities, management of contracts, recording of contract staff completion of activities, and calculation of payroll payments.

business continuing education

Designed especially for institutions that develop custom training and education programs for employers and organization, this functionality allows an institution to develop, sell, and deliver one or more courses where an employer or organization can but a block of seats for their staff. It is optional weather the persons receiving the training are registered in the system as students.


Two web portals are optionally available as part of EMS. An Intranet Portal allows administrator to manage the portals and for staff to perform frequently performed activities such as attendance and grading. In turn, the Extranet Portal, which is role based, allows staff, students, parents and external internship coordinators to perform a variety of operations.

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