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Group 455  Thesis SM

Thesis SM (Student Management) is designed to help colleges and universities modernize and simplify the student journey by improving institutional processes.

efficiency to focus on what is important

Build in operational flexibility and efficiencies to improve daily experiences and create true connections with your students

  • Easy Navigation
  • Configurable Screens
  • Workflow
  • Communication Templates
  • Language & Localization support


meeting students where they are in their journey

Guide students toward the academic goal that fits them best for where they are in their lives right now

  • Flexible Pricing Setups
  • Progression Rules
  • Configurable Grading Scales
  • Continuing Education
  • Transfer Credit
  • Support global applications & academic processes


theSIS you can trust

Take everything to the next level by bringing together all your data into one, secure system

  • Integration Platform
  • Global Data Compliance
  • Regulatory reporting, tax forms etc.

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