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Equip your university with the right capabilities 



Serving colleges and universities in the U.K. and Canada  

We understand the unique needs and requirements of universities in the U.K. and Canada, from regulatory reporting to day-to-day processes and real time data. That’s why we’ve tailored Thesis SM to be a unique SIS that meets your needs.
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Streamlined student journey  

Thesis SM provides a seamless process for students, faculty, staff and administration.  

Integrate seamlessly 

Connect with different educational tools and share information for an easy and convenient experience.   

Automate efficiently 

With Thesis SM, you can build your own business logic for custom workflows that are unique to your institution.

Collaborate and communicate 

Thesis SM makes it easy to securely share information and communicate across departments. 

Information empowerment  

Administration can make informed decisions with standard, ad-hoc and user defined reporting.  

Implement with efficiency 

We implement Thesis Student Management within 12-24 months, more efficiently than any of our competitors.  

Ensure security & privacy 

With Thesis SM, you can enjoy the convenience of cloud-based servers with security and privacy. 




We listen to understand the unique needs of your university to implement a cloud-based SIS that is launched on time and on budget.    

Education & training 

Our team will work together to train your faculty and staff to ensure a smooth SIS implementation for your university.  

Customer community & support 

Submit questions to your peers in Thesis communities or open a support case. Thesis is here to help! 




We’ll set you up with email automation that helps you work more efficiently.  


Leadership can make better decisions with the right data at your fingertips.  


See trends over time to support your strategic decision-making process.  

Integration framework 

Streamline the exchange of student data with integration framework.  


Students can manage their academic journey with a user-friendly, self-service portal. 


Your student information system can be adapted to fit the localized needs of your university.  


Adapt your student information system to the requirements of countries around the world.  

Security and Privacy 

We enact strict privacy measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of student data. 

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How long does Thesis SM take to implement?

We’ve honed our implementation process to bring you a cloud-based SIS system within 12-24 months, depending on the size of the institution. Most other systems take 30 months.

What is involved in the implementation process of Thesis SM?

We have several training workshops to help your university or college prepare. You can learn more about that on our implementation page.

How configurable is Thesis SM?

Thesis SM has open APIs, allowing you to add tools as the needs of your institution grow and change.

What statutory requirements does Thesis SM meet?

Thesis SM meets the following U.K. requirements:
  • HESA and HESES
  • ILR
  • UniStats
  • UKVI and CAS
  • GDPR

Thesis SM meets the following Canada requirements:

  • T2202