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SM Modules


Get unlimited course enrollment flexibility, streamlined curriculum management, and support for self-service registration. Our solution supports various programs with multiple tracks, majors and specializations along with pre- and re-enrollment necessary for the UK. Students and administrators can follow the progression and performance at any time.

SM_Academics Module Screenshot


Manage the entire recruitment process from the prospect stage all the way through to enrollment. By streamlining the application process and automating administrative tasks, your recruiters can convert more prospects to applicants, and more applicants to admitted students. We provide support for centralized admissions systems used in Canada and the UK.



All your key information is available at-a-glance in real time with dashboards that allow your institution to graphically see and manipulate key data prepared for you. Use query lists for data consolidation, organize dashboards available to all users and present tasks, abnormal situations, or alerts all in real time with a user-friendly format. Dashboards and query lists are actionable as well - drill down, start communication plans, and action rulesets directly from the result set.

SM_Analytics Module Screenshot


Perform all fee-generating transactions securely and confidently. The student financial record contains all the items that constitute a student’s financial position within your institution and allows the student and staff members to have a global view of sponsors, statements, invoices, payments, and the detail of all transactions. Your institution can improve its financial transparency as you view and analyze data by department, as well as across the institution.

SM_Billing Module Screenshot


Automate communication with students as well as faculty and staff members with interaction plans and rulesets in the Communications module. Transform paperwork into electronic documents and store them from within the student information system. Communication becomes automatic, customized, secured, and can be generated individually or in bulk.

SM_Communications Module Screenshot

Financial Aid

Manage scholarships, grants, and loans, integrating with COD to originate and disburse federal aid, package students individually or apply rules-based prioritized packaging to multiple students at once, generate award letters, allow students to accept or decline aid via the student portal, track work study, manage award distribution.

SM_Financial Aid Module Screenshot


Standard reports, user-defined reports or ad hoc reports can be produced in multiple formats. By being able to retrieve, test and present its data, your institution increases its ability to progress and then demonstrate improvement. Built-in and ad hoc reporting features also help institutions stay compliant with regulations.

SM_Reporting Module Screenshot

Student Life

Enhance the overall experience and well-being of your students. Student Life offers features such as secure health record tracking, comprehensive support for international students, including visa assistance and cultural integration resources, and streamlined housing options. This module is designed to promote student success and ensure a seamless student life experience.


Manage user roles, permissions, data security and workflows with the System Management module. You can extend the data model of Student Management with flexi-fields, which will allow you to do simple configuration with no need to request help from the IT department.

SM_System Management Module Screenshot