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Modern University Uses Thesis SM to Improve Digital Experience

Manchester Metropolitan University is a modern university based in the U.K. that’s dedicated to making higher education accessible and beneficial to all with the passion and ability to succeed.

Manchester Metropolitan University

Manchester, England

October 29, 2021

The Challenge

Manchester Metropolitan University has embarked on a Student Journey Transformation Program, a large-scale change initiative to create a modern digital experience for their 38,000 annual students today and into the future. It impacts every aspect of the university experience.

The Thesis Solution

Thesis SM—a SaaS student management product—is designed to help colleges and universities modernize and simplify the student journey by improving institutional processes.


  • Ideal Student Journey
    Streamline processes from enquiry to graduation and beyond. Ubiquitous access to university systems for staff and students.
  • Personal Touch
    Greater personalization and digitization of services to students, academics, and professional service staff.
  • Education Innovation
    Support new modes of education delivery and non-standard provision, a priority in higher education today

Manchester Metropolitan University

Manchester, England

October 29, 2021

“We’re using Thesis for pretty much every part of the student journey from the moment they enquire, right the way through to alumni.”

- Andrew Kemp

Transformation Director, Manchester Metropolitan University

How Did Thesis Help?

Working with Thesis provided Manchester Metropolitan University with the following benefits:

  • The next-generation curriculum model enables innovative education modes and course structures
  • Access to all systems available via self-service using the user’s chosen interface
  • Cloud delivers functionality improvements on a regular basis and enables reliable delivery of services to students and staff
  • One system to ensure compliance with statutory regulations

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