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frequently asked questions & answers

What type of institution is a good fit?

At Thesis, we target our products to serve common needs in various geographies:

  • Thesis CAMS fits US and Canadian institutions well, meeting the needs typical of smaller institutions. CAMS is a complete product with administrative flexibility to customize it to an institution's needs.
  • Thesis QL is a dedicated UK product for institutions of many sizes. It offers the complete services and functions needed to operate a UK institution.
  • Thesis EMS is a good fit for institutions that prioritize administrative flexibility and desire to operate an on-premise SIS. EMS is also a good fit for those running the Unit4 ERP for backend administration and financials. 
  • Thesis SM is a SaaS product for mid-to-large institutions in the US, Canada, UK, and Ireland with complexity typical of institutions with between 5,000 to 20,000 in student enrollment. Institutions looking to simplify processes through standardization in a cost effective move to a SaaS offering can find success with Thesis SM.

What products and services do you provide?

Student Information Systems are our sole focus. We provide SIS offerings to customers in North America, Europe, the UK, and more. Each of our SIS products serve particular needs. Check out our solutions page for more. Along with our products, customers depend on us for implementation and technical services, technical support, and for the depth of regional higher education expertise found throughout our team.

Are you new?

Well... yes and no. We recently split from Unit4 to establish ourselves as a team dedicated to the Student Information System market in higher education. If you're here looking at this, then you know the depth and complexity required in an SIS. Unit4 developed products and supported customers globally for 4 different SIS products and we have established ourselves with the products, services, customers, and people resources to provide the dedicated focus on SIS that is necessary.

Do your products integrate with existing systems?

Yes, each of our products integrate with other products and services across your ecosystem, from ERPs and financial systems to LMS, CRM, Financial Aid, and more. Our products allow you to grow and scale as your institution and student population evolve. They integrate with statutory and regulatory services in the countries, provinces, and states where our customers reside. 

Do you provide implementation and support?

Absolutely! The Thesis team works closely with you to plan, implement, operate and optimize your SIS. Our implementation process is built on best practice operating models for educational institutions and is based on proven methodology, delivered by the our own team. 

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