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CAMS & Elements 2024 User Conference



Join us for the CAMS & Elements 2024 User Conference, an exclusive gathering designed to empower users, system administrators and institutional leaders to maximize your Thesis SIS.  Whether you're using Elements and looking to implement best practices, a seasoned CAMS user looking to optimize your current system, or exploring the transition to Elements, this conference is your opportunity to gain valuable insights, network with peers, and shape the future of education technology.

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Conference Layout

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Conference Schedule at a Glance

Monday, June 10th

Consultation Time

1pm - 4pm
2pm - 6pm

Tuesday, June 11th

Conference Sessions

Client Appreciation Party

8am - 4:45pm

6pm - 9pm

Wednesday, June 12th Conference Sessions 9am - 3:30pm



June 10 - 12th


Dallas, Texas

What you can look forward to:

  • Knowledge Sharing: Dive deep into the capabilities of CAMS and Elements with workshops and expert-led sessions. Learn best practices, tips, and tricks to maximize the potential of these systems at your institution.

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with peers, industry experts, and Thesis & 3D Technologies team members to exchange ideas, experiences, and strategies. Build valuable connections with professionals in similar roles, fostering a community of support and collaboration.

  • Impact Roadmap: Interact directly with our product team to help drive the solution forward. Gain insight into upcoming releases, see previews of new features, and participate in feedback sessions. 

Sessions to include...

  • Elements Deep Dives
  • Data Clean Up in CAMS
  • PowerBI Workshop
  • SQL Workshop

Check back on April 1st for an updated schedule

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Stay at the Marriott Hotel & Golf Club at Champions Circle

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What's included in my registration?

In addition to all the sessions and learning opportunities, your registration includes lunches/snacks and a ticket to our client appreciation party on Tuesday night.

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Interested in speaking?

Session Topics To Include:

Session Title


Product Focus

Product Update

Hear from the product team highlights that were delivered in the last year and get an update on where we are going with CAMS and Elements in the future!


Elements 101

Curious about Elements and not sure where to start? Join us for this overview to learn more about Thesis Elements.


Financial Aid 2024- 25

With so much change introduced in 24-25, join this lively discussion on how to optimize the technology, lessons learned, and strategies to prepare for next year.


Elements Financial Aid

Automate your awards using prioritized packaging, generate the reports you need for the DOE and provide students insights into their award in the portal, Financial Aid in Elements is the solution to support your institution.


PowerBI Report Building

In this overview session, learn tips and tricks for creating, editing and sharing PowerBI reports.


Data Queries, PowerBI and Reports- How to understand your data in Elements

Elements provides a number of ways to access your data - dive deeper into the different reports that are available in the system already and learn strategies on using the data for your own reports. No IT or IR background required!


Portal Customizations

Whether you are using CAMS or Elements, learn best practices and techniques to customize your portals to delight your users.


Elements Registration

Dive into the registration and academic areas of Elements to learn about degree audit, course set up, registration and grading.


Top Tips to Optimize CAMS for Success

Dive into the registration and academic areas of Elements to learn about degree audit, course set up, registration and grading.


Leading Through Change - A practical guide to Change Management

Change is never easy but with a plan your chance for success can increase. Attend this session to learn some fundamentals on change management to prepare yourself, your team and your organization for change of any size 


Elements Billing

Dig into the Billing module of Elements to learn how to manage student accounts, connect with your GL solution and optimize the experience of your students and staff.


5 Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them in CAMS

The 3D team has been supporting CAMS customers since they were CAMS customers. Learn from their experience by avoiding common mistakes or challenges they have solved for.


Connecting your campus with Elements - a guide to the Integration Platform

Elements is the backbone of the student experience - but relies on data coming in or going to many other solutions on campus. The Integration Platform is your tool to make that easier - learn how it works, what connectors are available, and how to streamline the integrations at your institution.


Elements from the Inside

Listen to your peers share their experience implementing Elements - lessons learned, tips for success, and strategies to support the change on your campus.


Elements Housing and Student Life

Get a preview of the new housing module in Elements and learn about what is to come to support student life.


1098T + NSLDC Make it Work

Over the years, 3D has helped many schools improve the 1098T and NSLDC reporting experience. Attend this session to learn how to make it work at your institution.


Cleaning Up CAMS to Improve Data Migration

Preparing for life after CAMS starts with your data. Take action now to clean up your environment, understand your current data structure, and make decisions about your data dictionary.


Elements Admissions Overview

Whether you are using Elements for your entire admissions process or connecting it with your CRM, understand how students can begin their journey with your institution 


Preparing for the Elements Migration 

Create your plan to Migration in this informative session on steps you can take today to be ready for Elements. From technical tips to strategies on change management, this is session will help you accelerate your path to success 


Ask Me Anything

Curious about how we prioritize features for the roadmap? Wondering what is coming next? Have a great idea to share? Join this session with the Thesis Product team and get answers to those tough questions!


PowerBI Hands On

In this hands-on session, learn from experts on how to set up PowerBI reports using data from Elements or CAMS. Tips on how to build, edit and share reports - even turning these into user centric dashboards. Make sure you set up a PowerBI account before the session starts.


Elements APIs Hands On

Curious how to connect Elements with the rest of your campus ecosystem? Dig into these APIs to understand how to make updates, trigger action and connect with Elements.


Degree Audit 

Attend this session to learn how to set up your Degree Audits within CAMS or Elements. Best practices, hands on set up and strategies for a successful implementation will be shared.



Sessions will be presented by Thesis and 3D Technologies team members along with some of our users.

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