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Thesis, a leading provider of cloud-based, next-generation Student Information Systems for the UK, Canada and US, is proud to be the student system that has significantly improved institutional efficiency at Global Banking School (GBS). GBS, recently recognized as the Higher Education Provider of the Year, has experienced meteoric growth in recent years by widening access to Higher Education throughout the UK to “change lives through education”.

“In the past five years, GBS has gone from only a few thousand students, to over 25,000 in 2023” said Professor Ray Lloyd, CEO of GBS. “It was critical for us to find a student management solution that could scale to our needs, would be modern, easy to use and would ensure that we get all of the statutory and regulatory requirements of the school completed accurately and efficiently. After an in-depth search of student systems, we chose Thesis Student Management (SM) as the best system to meet our needs today and well into the future. Not only were they able to get the system live in under a year, but their implementation processes helped us to improve how we worked. The impact has been significant in time savings, improved student interactions, more timely reporting and greater employee work satisfaction.”

“The GBS mission to change lives through education speaks to all of us at Thesis”, explained CEO Paul McConville. “Thesis strives to make mission critical processes at universities easy, intuitive, and effective. It has been gratifying to make registration easier for students, statutory returns like HESA Data Futures accurate, timely and efficient, and to streamline workflows across the school. Not only is this critical to help effectively empower efficient growth at GBS, it also ensures that students, staff and faculty experience a modern and supported academic experience. All of this continues to pay off at GBS with National Student Survey scores well above sector averages.”

Thesis SM is built for UK Higher Education institutions and is supported by a team of technology, product and implementation experts across the UK. This student-centric solution is focused on streamlining critical business processes, workflows and user experiences across the institution to increase collaboration, transparency and data centralisation. Learn more about how Thesis is transforming the way schools manage their institution at

Chad Gray
Post by Chad Gray
January 11, 2024
Chad Gray is the Product Marketing Manager at Thesis.