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Thesis, a leading provider of cloud-based, next generation Student Information Systems for the US, UK and Canada, is proud to announce that East-West University, located in the heart of downtown Chicago, has selected Thesis Elements as their student information system after a comprehensive search process. When they began their search, it was important to identify a solution that was delivered in the cloud, would enable their institution to have transparency in data and empower their staff. The East-West team recognized the importance of having a solution that was student centric and recognized that Thesis Elements would meet these objectives.

East-West University was founded in 1980 with the mission of providing quality, affordable, multi-cultural, and forward-looking higher education to Chicago and the world. With so many solutions available in the market, it was critical to the leadership at East-West that they select a solution that is optimized for smaller institutions. “Working with the Thesis team to understand their product offering, commitment to institutions like ours, and strategic direction made it clear that this was the right solution for our University” said Dr. Madhu Jain, Provost of East-West University. “East-West University is committed to making higher education with personal attention more accessible. This shared mission is the foundation of the partnership between Thesis and our institution.”

“East-West University proudly changes lives by making higher education personal, accessible, and high quality”, said CEO Paul McConville. “We have worked with the university to support their students, faculty and administration for many years. Transitioning the university to Thesis Elements will make for a greater staff and student experience, improve campus-wide insight and provide a foundation for East-West to grow-upon for decades to come.”

Thesis Elements was launched in April 2023 as a cloud native SaaS Student Information System that is optimized for small to mid-sized institutions in the US and Canada. This student centric solution is focused on streamlining critical business process, workflows and user experiences across the institution to increase collaboration, transparency and data centralization. Learn more about how Thesis is transforming the way schools manage their institution at

Chad Gray
Post by Chad Gray
October 10, 2023
Chad Gray is the Product Marketing Manager at Thesis.