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Nick Gibson joins as Sales Leader - has helped universities transform their technology for over 30 years.

Anwen Robinson joins as Board Advisor – broad experience in helping UK universities deliver student system success.

Thesis, a provider of cloud-based, next generation university administration software, today announced that Nick Gibson has joined the company as UK Market Lead and Anwen Robinson has joined as an Advisor to the company’s board on UK market and product strategy.

Nick has a proven track-record of working at the highest levels of colleges and universities to understand their strategic goals and advising on the role of technology to meet those goals. Most recently, he was Head of Education and Research at NTT Data and Business Solutions. Prior to that held Education market leadership roles at TechnologyOne and Unit4.

“It is an incredible time to be working with schools on their student systems strategies”, said Gibson. “Most institutions are using legacy software that was built decades ago. There is a need for modern, scalable, student centric software that can serve schools for their next twenty years. I am excited to join Thesis to help deliver this transformation to the UK market.”

Anwen has joined Thesis as an advisor to the board to help the company to align for strategic growth in the UK. Anwen brings over 30-years experience working in senior management at several of the UK’s most innovative technology companies. She has spent much of her career working with colleges and universities to drive transformational business change through software improvements. She is keenly attuned to client and market needs.

“Thesis has a unique opportunity to deliver meaningful improvement to how UK colleges and universities serve their students and staff.” Said CEO, Paul McConville. “We believe that this starts with modernizing the student system experience. Nick’s deep track-record of working with CIO’s and CTO’s in higher education allows him to make an immediate impact. Anwen’s understanding of the market, technology trends, and college and university challenges will ensure that our investments are aligned with the needs of our clients and prospective clients. These additions serve as a significant growth investment in our future in the UK higher education market.”

Thesis has added over a dozen new hires to the team since the investment from Silvertree Equity in Product, Technology, Sales, Marketing, Finance and Professional Services. The company is committed to building great technology that drives the future of higher education.

Chad Gray
Post by Chad Gray
October 17, 2023
Chad Gray is the Product Marketing Manager at Thesis.