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Thesis solves higher education’s core student administration issues

Thesis offers a highly focused and standardized approach to solving higher education’s core student administration issues by simplifying the student journey. We recently split from Unit4 to specialize in mid-market higher education institutions in the US, Canada, France, UK, and Ireland who are seeking to modernize the student journey from the inside out.

Thesis is a dedicated Student Information System business with specialized regional products (CAMS, QL, and EMS) and a flagship global SaaS offering (SM) that help our customers meet their administrative needs. Thesis SM (Student Management) is designed to improve how colleges and universities operate and communicate, implemented with a standardized, industry best-practice model. Combining flexibility and automation, Thesis SM is the engine that powers institutional change in an effort to improve the overall student experience, and shape student success.

Our team has an incredible depth of knowledge and experience in the global education sector. We understand the intricacies of regional, statutory, and regulatory understanding—and we know how important these factors are in the success of institutions using our products. We also understand how fast higher education is changing these days. Not only do we stay up-to-date with its evolution, but we ensure you and your SaaS SIS engine do as well.

Thesis is working to empower change through a core SIS engine, backed by proven implementation services and world-class support. We’re committed to a highly focused approach to help customers address typical challenges encountered with cumbersome processes and aging systems, along with the ever-evolving needs of students.

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